Oct 16 2010

Aftermath: Kajraare

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Did Bhushan kill his own film?

Bhushan Kumar allegedly botched the release of his own film, directed by Pooja Bhatt and starring Himesh Reshammiya.

It will take a magnifying glass to even spot the ad in a local newspaper. Himesh Reshammiya’s much talked-about film, Kajraare, released yesterday, in the pin drop silence of New Empire; not even its cast and crew members were aware of it. Himesh himself was shocked and so was director Pooja Bhatt.

The producer of the film, T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar, has released the film in only one theatre as a matinee. Apart from this, the film has released in one more cinema hall in Pune.

Our source informs us, “Himesh and Bhushan Kumar were considered one of the most formidable and successful teams in Bollywood. They have done umpteen numbers of successful albums in the past which have made heaps of money, for both Bhushan as well as Himesh.

Such shocking behavior was never expected from Bhushan Kumar. It was also a very bad business decision considering that Himesh’s films always have good music and so did Kajraare. So why did Bhushan not even give the film a fair chance? Himesh and Pooja Bhatt didn’t even know that the film has been released until late afternoon. It is all the more surprising for Himesh, since he was even shooting for Bhushan’s film, A New Love Ishtory, until five days ago.”

Our source further said, “There are many reasons that could have led to this fallout. Bhushan was getting a huge sum for the satellite rights of the film. However, according to the agreement, the film needed to have a theatrical release and that’s why he released the film in just one theatre, so that he can now technically show that the film has been released theatrically. He has already made some money from the music.

Himesh was signed by T Series in a three-film deal for about Rs 15 cr, which included acting, music and singing services. The three films were Karzzzz (which was a massive disaster), Kajraare and John Matthew Matthan’s A New Love Ishtory. However, Bhushan, who had already paid Rs 12 crore to him out of a pre-decided Rs 15 crore, wanted Himesh to shell out one crore for the promotion of the film, something that Himesh flatly refused to do.

This led to bad vibes between the two. Now, it turns out, Bhushan has released the film in this shoddy manner, so that he does not have to spend any money on the promotion of the film and recover his investment from the satellite rights.”

The source finally said, “There were major differences between Pooja Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar as well right from the first schedule of this film. This also might have been another reason for Bhushan doing this.”

When contacted Himesh Reshammiya said, “I don’t know anything about this. Please ask Bhushan Kumar about it.”

When contacted, Bhushan Kumar just said, “No comments.”

Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja’s dad, said, “I have been in the industry from 1971 and never before have I seen this kind of release for a film of this stature. T-Series is known to release Himesh’s films with a bang, but we are shocked that it has been released with one show in one theatre.

I think they are the ones who should answer this as this is not my domain. As far as Pooja is concerned, she is shocked and wants to maintain a dignified silence. She said that she has given everything to the film, and yet the producers, who have pumped in so much money in the film, have released it is such a manner.”

Article Credits: Mumbai Mirror


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  1. mahmoodon 16 Oct 2010 at 6:25 pm

    bhushan kumar is a loser…hes jealous of himesh….he knew that himesh had already given a block buster music and know this movie would have proved him correct in acting….well bhushan sahib u have to do a lot better than this to break down himesh…that man is made up of stone….u cant break him by the way…u re a loser and u will remain a loser…!!!

  2. Uzzzz Reshammiyaon 16 Oct 2010 at 6:36 pm

    I m deeply disappointed with this…