Mar 14 2011

News: A * Is Killed

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Himesh Reshammiya is back. And this time around, it is pretty much with a bang. Just when the world was wondering that where had the man disappeared, it has now been revealed that he was quietly making progress on his next film. And this time around it is an international project no less which is titled A * Is Killed (where * stands for STAR). The film is produced by Arifilms and directed by Christophe Lenoir.

While the announcement by itself was enough to make many stand up and take notice, what has further turned out to be shocking is the film’s first promo. Those who have had a dekko at it are pretty much sure that A * Is Killed is based on the murder of, hold your breath, none less than Michael Jackson.

The teaser, which is currently available online, has a few shots from the film interspersed with quotes/snippets from friends, supporters and family members of the killed superstar, all of whom are expressing a sense of disbelief that the man is not amidst them any more. A * Is Killed is said to be taking on from this point on and seemingly unfolds truth behind this murder.

So where does Himesh Reshammiya come into picture? Well, he plays the character of Sidharth Patel, who is an Indian musician mesmerized by the superstar who gets killed. The promo established his importance to the film’s plot as he is shown as the man who takes his own course to unveil the truth.

As per sources, Himesh (who by the way is the only Indian actor in this international project) was selected by the producer Arifilms and director Christophe Lenoir because they felt that he really suited the part of Sidharth Patel. Though further details are awaited around the film and it has to be seen whether Himesh’s international venture goes on to hit the bull’s eye, A * Is Killed is all set to open the Pandora’s box as it would well compel viewers worldwide to think about who actually killed Jackson.

Article Credits: Bollywood Hungama

Jem Says: Watch the film to find out what it is all about ;o) Till then, enjoy the promos!


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