May 20 2014

The Xpose: The Xpose worked because of its Music

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Last seen onscreen in 2012, Himesh Reshammiya is back as an actor, starring in his latest film The Xpose. Inspired by the glamour and jazz of Bollywood industry in the 60s, The Xpose has a lot of elements inspired by the real life incidents of that era. The film which hit the theatres last week has been declared a hit and the credit is given to the unique music that Himesh composed for the film.

Talking about the same, the director of the film, Ananth Mahadevan says, “The credit for the success of The Xpose goes to R.D. Burman and Himesh. Himesh’s inspiration for the music of The Xpose is the one and only R.D. Burman ji.”


Since The Xpose is set in the era of the 60s, Himesh found it challenging to create music that was true to that era yet catchy enough for today’s youth. The only way that was possible was to keep R.D. Burman as an inspiration for the album. Says Himesh, “I am truly grateful to everyone and also Late R.D. Burmanji for being my inspiration.”

Music plays a very important role in getting an opening for a film and the makers of The Xpose believe that the collections for the weekend is a result of melodious music accompanied by good visuals and impressive performances.”I am very happy with the mind-blowing response the film has got but the most satisfying thing is that the critics have loved Himesh’s look and performance,” says director Ananth.

Meanwhile, news is that Himesh and Ananth have planned a success party for the film and have decided to invite Asha Bhonsle ji to pay tribute to the music legend R.D. Burman who was an inspiration for the music of The Xpose.

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  1. Ashishon 20 May 2014 at 5:35 pm

    If this is true,hope everyone admit it now that himesh g thexpose is a success !


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