May 24 2014

The Xpose: Vipinji knew the film would be a Hit

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Himesh Reshammiya’s The Xpose that featured the crooner’s return to acting has been faring rather well at the box office. Now one week after the release of the film, Himesh’s father Vipin Reshammiya, who is also the producer of the film, is pretty pleased with the film’s performance. Says Himesh, “The Xpose is my dad’s first film as producer and I’m happy that I have given him a hit and a franchise”.

Talking about the super hit music and the dialogues that got The Xpose superb collections, the film’s distributor Anil Thadani says, “The word of mouth for the movie is very strong and the critics and audience have loved Himesh’s performance.” Simultaneously adding, director Ananth Mahadevan, who feels Himesh, who is just embarking on his journey as actor, certainly has come a long way, “Himesh’s dad Vipin Reshammiya who is the official producer of the film is a very happy, and Himesh will certainly go places.”

While Rakesh Upadhyay, who was the Creative Producer on The Xpose, feels that the success of the film has certainly given future productions a definitive booster shot. “The Xpose sequel is surely on the cards. But again I want Himesh to work on his character for at least nine months, so that he can surprise the audience with double the energy for the sequel.”

On the other hand, Himesh says, “I am thankful to everyone who has appreciated my work. It’s been a long process of hardwork to get into the character of Ravi Kumar and I give full credit to Ananth Mahadevan for it.” However, he refrains from talking about future plans by simply saying, “I’m going on a holiday for a week for sure to de-stress.”

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