Jun 14 2014

Exclusive Interview: with one of the Lyricists from ‘Humshakals’ Mayur Puri

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Hum Pagal Nahin Hai Bhaiya…Hamara Dimaag Kharab Hai!…Teri Adaa, Mera Nasha…Tera Ye Dil…Mera Pata…Masti Sar Pe Chadh Rahi Hai Sunle Dil Ki Baat…I’m So Crazy For You Baby, Don’t You Break My Heart…Ho Na Jaaye Barbaad, Teri Meri Raat…

Hello Reshammiyans!

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful happy music that Himeshji has given us in Sajid Khan’s forthcoming comedy caper ‘Humshakals’. It is with great pleasure, we bring you all a wonderful interview with one of the lyricists of ‘Humshakals’, the multi-talented Mayur Puri. As you read on, you will realise that Mayurji has done a lot more than just writing lyrics ;o) So it is no surprise that when 2 multi-talented artists come together, they give us pure magic!

Enjoy this very special interview with Mayur Puri as he talks to us about his career so far, and his experience of working with Himeshji.



1) Mayurji, one can say that you too, have donned many hats: as a lyricist, a dialogue writer and a screenplay writer. Which is your favourite hat to wear and how do you manage all three professions?

A) I do one thing at a time. That’s the secret. If you want to do anything well, don’t multitask. Just do that one thing with full attention and focus. As far as enjoying is concerned, I enjoy the work if I’m working with friends. If I get along with someone, then months, even years of writing a script pass by in a jiffy! And if you don’t gel with someone then even one song sitting can be hell. Thankfully, I’ve always worked with friends.

2) How has your journey as a lyricist developed?

A) I never wanted to become a lyricist. I came to Mumbai to become a director. While I was assisting Sanjay Gadhvi sir, I met Pritam. We used to jam a lot and I used to write dummy lyrics for him. He persuaded me to take lyric writing seriously. The first time he said it, must’ve been in 2001 or 2002. But I kept on ignoring it and finally in 2005 I started writing songs. My first song ‘halka halka sa ‘ from Chocolate was a hit. I only started working with Pritam to help him. Because he was getting frustrated working with older lyricists who didn’t understand his music, his cutting, his insistence on using certain phonetics to his melodies. I learned a lot in that phase. But I was never a regular lyricist. It was fun and games and hanging out with friends. Then in 2008 ‘Singh Is Kingg’ music became a big hit. I got a lot of appreciation for that. Barring 2 songs for AR Rahman sir, I still didn’t write for any other music director. Then I was going through a low phase in 2010 when Pritam gave me Race 2. And around same time I got ‘ABCD’ with Sachin Jigar, who were Pritam’s protégés. 2012-13 were turn around years for me. And finally I got to step out of my friend zone of Pritam and Sachin-Jigar and started working with Himmesh Reshammiya. And I’m loving this phase now! I’m enjoying work in all three studios. I’m a loyalist and I feel I’ll do more songs with HR.

3) Do you have a specific genre when it comes to song writing or are you open to any genre?

A) A good writer can write in any genre. I take it as a challenge and enjoy more if I haven’t done something before. But yes, romance comes more naturally to me. I love love and love love songs!!

4) Please tell us more about your collaboration with Himeshji.

A) I’ve never been so relaxed as I’ve been working with Himeshbhai. He just puts you at ease. Gives you immense respect and space to work with. He’s fast at work. And I like people who can decide fast. His reaction is always immediate. But he’s never negative. Like if he doesn’t like anything at all from the lyrics he will not say ‘it’s all rubbish!’ He will just smile and say ‘Meter to Bahut Sahi pakada hai Mayurbhai! Meter ke to aap master ho!’ We do have different opinions sometimes. Like I’ll want to write new content in every line, but he’d want me to repeat a few lines. They call it ‘hammering’. And I realize it works. His only constant requirement is that the lyrics should be simple and understandable. One more thing about Himeshbhai, which I think is very important- his studio has an amazingly democratic atmosphere. At any given time there are a dozen people working there and he takes everyone’s opinion. And people can just frankly tell him what they feel. He doesn’t get offended. He immediately changes things if he finds merit in the argument. It needs a lot of confidence and secured mind set to be able to do that. I mean he is star himself but you can actually tell him frankly if you don’t like something and he really doesn’t get offended. How many people are like that in this industry full of deluded megalomaniacs?

5) You have written two songs for Humshakals. The first one being ‘Hum Pagal Nahin Hai Bhaiya’ which has been sung wonderfully by Himeshji. I particularly applaud the hint of sadness that has been included in the lyrics of an otherwise ‘mad’ song. Please share with us your overall experience of writing the song.

A) So, this is my first song with Himeshbhai. Though I had met Himeshbhai once a few years back, we had never worked with each other before. Then one day I got a call from Sajidbhai to come to HR Musik. To my surprise, when I went to the studio, I found that everyone there kind of knew me. I was greeted with broad smiles and led to meet Himeshbhai. As we started talking about work I was even further shocked to know that he knew about most of my work and was actually keeping a track of my career. He even told Sajidbhai that though this is a fun song, Mayur’s real strength is in classy romantic numbers like ‘Teri Oar’ and he promised me that he will soon give me a big romantic song to write. (A promised he followed up next week itself by giving me Salman Khan’s big romantic song in ‘Kick’). I was very impressed with his straightforwardness and awareness of music industry and trends. The song itself was much fun to work on. I think I wrote the song in two days, which was fast for this kind of a song.

6) Your next for Humshakals ‘Barbaad Raat’, has wonderful vocals by Sanam Puri & Shalmali Kholgade and a refreshingly new rhythmic melody by Himeshji. It also has very fresh, simple lyrics. Please share with us your experience of writing this song.

A) ‘Barbaad Raat’ was my 3rd or 4th song for Himeshbhai. By then I had been frequenting his studio for a month or so. We had become very comfortable with working and we were working much faster also. So he called me one day and said there’s one more song in ‘Humshakals’ that I want you to write. I went to the studio expecting to get a track or a melody and one two days of time period to work on it. I asked him: ‘so Himeshbhai, what’s the tune like?’ He smiled and said: ‘abhi banatey hain na!’ So I asked him when was the presentation. He said in 4 hours. I had a mini cardiac arrest. :p. Anyway, he told me about the situation and asked me to come up with a phrase. I said ‘ye to barbaad Raat ki kahani hai’. He loved the phrase and from there on, I’m not joking, in 3 hours we had the song ready. With track, lyrics, music pieces – almost everything. There’s one more thing I must say about this song, which probably no one will like to say upfront. But it’s true. When Sanam came and recorded for the song only Himeshbhai was sure of his voice. Few people in the studio at that time were not sure of his voice and they wanted Himeshbhai to redub the song in his voice. But Himesh fought for Sanam (Sanam might not even be aware of this) and initiated that his voice be kept as it is. I think that degree of conviction and security must be applauded.

7) How was your overall experience of working with Himeshji & HR Musik?

A) HR Musik is like home now. As much as Pritam’s studio is, Himeshbhai and his people go out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I can only work with friends. That’s why I’ve worked with just 3-4 music directors in all these 10 years of song writing. We’ve reached a level of comfort where I can joke with about his excessive weight loss for ‘Xpose’ just like I make fun of Pritam for his forgetfulness. I’m looking forward to collaborating with him in future but what I’d really like to work on is a big album which redefines his music and my writing. I’d really like to push it with him and see if we can give the audiences something new, astonishing and everlasting. I believe if the two of us sit down with right intentions we can create history.

8) Have you written anymore songs for Himeshji that we can look forward to?

A) there’s one song in T Series’s ‘All is a Well’. And there are a few mukhdas floating but I’m not sure which albums they are going in.

9) Is there any song of Himeshji’s that you wish you had written?

A) ‘Chalao na naino se’ is my younger son’s fav. So I wish I had written it.

10) Please share with us information on your forthcoming projects.

A) As a writer my biggest film to date, probably the biggest hindi film of all times is coming up this year. That’s Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. Then I have Remo D’Souza’s ‘ABCD 2’ starring Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhudheva early next year. Plus, I’m working on my directorial debut film.

Mayurji, thank you so much for giving a very in-depth, wonderful interview. I very much appreciate that you have taken time out of your busy schedule especially for this interview. I pray, that you and Himeshji, do get together in the very near future, and give us a full album that will create history! Jai Mata Di! We look forward to hearing your forthcoming songs with Himeshji.

Reshammiyans, you can stay in touch with Mayurji at twitter @mayurpuri for all updates.
We hope you all enjoyed this interview! Stay tuned with us as we look forward to celebrations on 29th June ;o) Remember, you can also follow us at twitter: @HimeshRcom and like us at facebook: www.facebook.com/HimeshRcom

Jai Mata Di, Let’s Rock!

Jem ;o)


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  1. Anurag Sinhaon 14 Jun 2014 at 8:13 pm

    Wooow. What an interview! Got to know so many new things. HimeshJi…what a man…..no words….so down to earth… #Respect


  2. Rujulon 14 Jun 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Great interview!!! I enjoyed its each and every line :)
    Good to know that Himeshji was the one who rooted for Sanam to sing Barbaad Raat bcoz I feel that was a (very very very into 1000) great decision!!
    Waiting for more such great interviews… :)


  3. animesh Anandon 14 Jun 2014 at 9:20 pm

    One of the gr8 interview .. got to know many new things about himesh ji … gud work jem .. proud to be ur frnd


  4. Ashishon 14 Jun 2014 at 11:08 pm

    Very gud questions by jem mam,equally well answered by mayur sir ,best interview so far


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