Mar 09 2016

Teraa Surroor: Himeshji is not as intense as he looks!

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After the fairly successful Xpose, Himesh Reshammiya is making yet another attempt at reigniting his acting career with Teraa Surroor 2.

You have gone shirtless in shots from your forthcoming film, Teraa Surroor 2. Did you work on your body?

My character Raghu is dark, edgy and intriguing. He indulges in action too, so I had to look lean and powerful. I put on muscle for Tera Suroor but I didn’t lose weight, I needed to have a more toned body. But now fitness has become a way of life with me. It is the most important thing in my life after music. I can work 18 hours a day because I am fit now.

You have assembled quite a cast for this film. What are your expectations from it?

I am very happy and positive about the film. Teraa Surroor has good music, visuals, and performances by seasoned actors like Naseerbhai, Shekar Kapoorji and Kabir Bediji. Farah Karimee is looking nice in the film.

You are one of the few actors who has got the chance to work with Naseeruddin Shah and Shekar Kapoor in a film.

When I was performing scenes with Naseerbhai, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He is such a great actor and I learnt so much from him. I just love his performances in every film, whether it is Masoom or A Wednesday. Every film. Shekar Kapoor ji is a very professional actor and a great director. He shot when he was not well despite nursing a cold.

Is this a small-budget film?

Tera Surror was shot within 36 days and is a two-hour film. It has been made in six crores, on the lines of Xpose.

How close are you to your character Raghu in real life?

Raghu’s character in Tera Surroor is very intense because he has gone through a lot during childhood. He is madly in love but there is this constant conflict between his destiny and his approach to his love life. There is a big twist in the film … Raghu is definitely not me. I am not as intense as I look; I take time to open up.

What is your assessment of newcomer Farah Karimi?

Farah, who plays my girlfriend in the film, is a beautiful girl and wonderful human being as well. She does not look like a newcomer because she has the emotional connect that is required to be an actress.

You are an actor, composer and singer too. What gives you the maximum joy?

Anything creative is fun but I was able to become an actor because I am a composer and singer. I am aiming to make films which besides being musically strong are good in content too.

Of late, musical singles have become a trend. Will you follow suit?

I am definitely going to do lot of singles this year … we will have some very beautiful songs with interesting videos.

Deepika Padukone featured in the video of your earlier music single. At that stage, did you think that she would go so far?

Deepika was the suroor girl in the Aap Ka Suroor album. She has talent and beauty and is a good human being. She was bound to go far.

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