Dec 06 2016

Aap Se Mausiiquii: Television actor Mrunal Jain shares his Tonight experience

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Actor Mrunal Jain, who is playing double role on Naarjuna Ek Yoddha has recently done a classy music video. The hunk, who has previously appeared in a music video alongside DJ Shergill, has performed this time with singer and composer Himesh Reshammiya. When contacted, Mrunal shared the details of his experience.

He says, “Shooting for this music video with Himesh was wonderful because everybody industry knows what an awesome composer, singer and talent Himesh is. To be honest, I am a great fan of his work from the time I heard ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ and ‘Tera Suroor’. I still love these songs and his songs from ‘Namastey London’. Working with him is like working with a huge brand!”

Talking about his suave look in the video, Mrunal reveals, “Actually, all my looks were managed by Himesh himself. He wanted me to look like a rich casino owner as well as the boyfriend of Riya. He wanted the video to look very international and not too desi. He told me to wear a tuxedo and lenses. What I really appreciate is that even though I am not a major part of the video, still he wanted me to look the best.”

So, were his tall, good looks the reason he bagged such a cool project? He smiles, “Well, yes I am tall. But when it comes to being a ‘good looking’ guy, I guess I have unconventional looks. I don’t look like those typical heroes. But again, my unconventional looks worked for me. In fact, I think eight out of 10 times it has worked for me.”
Mrunal believes that its important as an actor to be in top physical form to bag a good role. He says, “I feel physicality is very important part of an actor. It defines the character. This way, even the director can visualize what a character can look like. His writing may be different at first, but when it comes to casting, a filmmaker may depend on how his actor looks and add to make his character more interesting.”

Overall, Mrunal says Himesh was great with him while shooting the video, “Working with Himesh was like working with a close friend. So, on set he treated me very well, he told me to sit with him only, use his own makeup artist, his own hair stylist. He told everyone to take care of me. He told the crew with him to take care of me. So, it was not like working with a producer, but working with a friend. So I felt very nice. And the way he showed me in the video I feel it’s the trailer of what I can be the next.”

Article Credits: Just Showbiz

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