Jan 13 2017

Interview: Himeshji talks about SRGMP Lil Champs and forthcoming projects

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Himesh Reshammiya is a man of many talents. After giving numerous hit songs and acting in movies such as “The Xpose”, his fans will get to see him as a judge once again along with Neha Kakkar and Javed Ali in “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 6”. While he has judged the other seasons of the show, he is judging “Li’l Champs” for the first time and was recently in the city for the auditions.


How does it feel to judge a kids’ reality show and how different is it from those for grown-ups?

I believe children are the gift of god and listening to their melodious voices makes me happy. The children of our country are really talented and the way they are coming up and presenting their talent is amazing. It is a show where the divinity of each kid will come out and the kids will make the viewers fall in love with them.

Judging kids is more difficult than judging grown ups. While judging a kid, you have to anticipate how he/she would be in the future. You have to take the right call in terms of the progress in singing because his/her voice is going through a change. But when you’re judging a grown up it is not that difficult because you are listening to what they are in the present stage. They are not going to go through a voice modulation. Judging a kids’ show is more difficult but that is the fun part. You are judging them at a stage when they are raw and that emotional and divine connection is there.

What would be your judging criteria?

In this show I want to maintain the rawness which the kids have. I believe there is god hidden in them and I want to make sure the kids never lose that emotional connection. Usually in grown ups it is fake and made up. I want to make sure it stays natural and effortless throughout their lives.

Do you think kids participating in such reality shows are put under too much pressure and it affects their mental health?

I don’t think so. Nowadays the kids are smarter. Through these platforms they get opportunities to project their talent. These shows are not just about winning. There is not just one winner but many winners who have the potential to become great singers in future. I have launched many singers who were not winners but are successful now and have given super hits. I have launched Aman Triikha in ‘Go Go Govinda’ but he was not the winner in ‘Sur Kshetra’. Darshan Raval is such a big singer after ‘Kheech Meri Photo’ but he was also not the winner either. I don’t think any kid should be under pressure since it is not about winning, it’s about giving audience the taste of what he/she has the capability to project.

Which are some projects that you are currently working on?

I am working on ‘The Xpose 2’ which is the sequel of my hit film ‘The Xpose’. I have a bank of around 700 tuneswhich will come out very soon. It is a very big project which will be announced soon. My latest album ‘Aap Se Mausiiquii’ has already crossed 25 million hits in one month. I celebrated the success of my album on Kapil Sharma’s show. My collaboration with Iulia Vantur will also be launched this month.

Has your focus shifted more towards movies than music?

No, I focus both on my music as well as my movies. I have been able to give 650 hit songs in such a small period of time. So while I am working on movies but at the same time music for me is the ground reality. I don’t do films where there is no music. I am always connected to music in some way.

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  1. Khemrajon 16 Jan 2017 at 9:56 pm

    Nice to See U Sir on Zee TV Little Champs
    Waiting for first episode


  2. Lucky Chandelon 02 Feb 2017 at 1:47 pm

    HI TEAM,






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