Aug 01 2018

Interview: Himeshji talks about his experience on Dus ka Dum Season 2

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Himesh Reshammiya, who made a guest appearance on Salman Khan’s show Dus Ka Dum spoke about his experience on the sets


Himesh Reshammiya, Guru Randhawa and Salman Khan

How was your experience on the show with Salman Khan?
My experience was excellent. I am on the sets of Dus ka Dum for the second time. The first time when I came here, we had a lot of fun in that season too. Just being around Salman Khan who is so energetic and humorous at the same time is always entertaining. Guru also added to the amusement. With Dumdaar Salman, it always feels like you are with a family member.

Did you notice any difference between the last season and this season?
I think this time the season is even more entertaining, because it has an emotional connect with the audience. In terms of the questions we see are also very relatable. This is the reason when I was chatting and playing with Salman, it felt like I was talking to someone from the family.

How did you feel seeing Salman Khan back as a Dumdaar host?
I feel Salman Khan is not only a super star but the greatest human being. Because of the kind of charity he does, the kind of noble thoughts he has and the love and care he shows towards his close ones. I think that, this not only makes him a superstar in films, but a superstar in real life as well. He is a real hero.

Which Question did you find most amusing and what do you think about the janta’s anumaan?
I made a mistake while answering the last question by going along with the audience’s anumaan. I had almost decided to hit the bar of 90% to 100% and then I trusted the studio audience and locked a window of 60% to 70%.

What is that one question you would like to give out about yourself that will keep people guessing? I want people to keep guessing if I am an intense human being or a jovial person. Because people have their own conclusions about me. It is fun when they keep trying to guess this.

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