Aug 26 2018

Song of the Week: Holi Birajma ~ Genius

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Sarararara Holi Birajma! Tujhse Hai Rangoli Birajma…Tu Meri Humjoli Birajma…Tujhse Hai Holi Birajma…

Hello Reshammiyans!

Thanks to all of you who voted for the first song of the week from the Genius soundtrack. The winning song for this week is none other than the super colourful Holi Birajma.

Holi Birajma – Genius

Background of the Song

Holi Birajma has been sung by singer Jubin Nautiyal and surprisingly this is the first time that he has sung for Himeshji. The other surprising factor is that Holi Birajma is in a totally different genre, compared to the type of songs we usually hear Jubin sing, yet he has performed it so well with bags of energy and enthusiasm. I really do hope that we get to hear more songs from this duo as Himeshji always knows how to bring out the best of his singers.

The Holi Birajma promo, is my most favourite one from the film, as it is not only extremely colourful, but captures the essence of the song well and Utkarsh Sharma matches Jubin’s voice wonderfully on screen. Himeshji is truly the expert in giving us such authentic and traditional festival songs.

If you voted for Holi Birajma, do let me know why you like the song in a comment below.

We will vote for the next favourite song from the soundtrack next Sunday. Keep an eye at our twitter @HimeshjiFan4Eva for a reminder for this so that you don’t forget to vote.

Jai Mata Di, Let’s Rock!
Jem ;o)


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