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This is not the official site of Himesh Reshammiya

This is a Fan Club Site of India’s No.1 Rockstar Himesh Reshammiya, where we write about Himesh Reshammiya, his achievments, his latest albums, movies, music, awards etc. This site is a birthday present (from July 2006) to Himeshji, from 2 of his biggest fans.


There maybe cases where we may have used an article or image from external sources, but it shall always be credited. We are not running a commerial blog to earn money, this is a fan club site for our favourite and India’s number 1 Rockstar Himesh Reshammiya, so please respect our blogging and contact us if you (respective owners) have any problem.

The ads in the gallery and the blog, have been placed only so that we can manage to run the site. We haven’t unlike other sites, filled the site with more ads & pop-up’s. Currently ads are only so that we can continue running the site.

There are some basic rules for everyone to follow:

* Kindly post your comments to where they belong.
* Always post your correct email address (they are never shared or sold) for comment authentication.
* Never post your email address or phone number while giving a comment on the site. They will be edited if they are posted. We will not pass on contact details from one blogger to another.
*Please don’t misuse the comment option provided, by spamming or using abusive language and advertising of other websites shall not be allowed.
*Incase you may want to comment on a closed post/topic, or are facing any problem commenting, please kindly contact us.
*Everyone is entitled to their own opinion or ideas and we never discourage this, but we are strictly against personal attacks or negative comments against Himesh Reshammiya.
*Please avoid posting only smileys and also avoid writing in caps lock, as this indicates shouting on the net.
*Please be patient when waiting for questions to be answered, we will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours with the correct information.
*Rumours etc. will not be posted (nor accepted) in the blog. So please keep that in mind when asking us why we haven’t covered a particular news story.
*Please do not submit your comment more than once as this risks your comments being marked as spam.
*Please also avoid posting on topics which have not been discussed on the site as these comments shall not be approved.

We reserve a right to edit/delete your comments incase you do not follow the above rules, and if you keep repeating the same, we may ban you from commenting, or ban your IP completely which means you shall not be able to access the site or we may report you to your ISP depending on your activity and comment on the blog.

We may sound very serious, but this is only to protect our blogging and since its a fan club site, we do not tolerate any negative comments that are personal attacks. Therefore you are requested to follow our rules.

Remember we are a fan club site, so this site is only for the people who are fans of Himesh Reshammiya. We do not entertain negative or any rude comments against him. If you have any problem with our rules you can exit from the site right now. If you aren’t a fan of Himesh Reshammiya, this site is not for you.

Have fun and enjoy yourself here.

Site Team:

1. Jem – News, Article, Gallery and Social Media Manager.
2. Sunny – Blog Manager and Maintenance.

** To contact us, leave a comment in any of the blog posts and we shall get in touch with you within 48 hrs.

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