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Jun 21 2010

A New Love Issshtory to be delayed…

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If ever there was a case of talent being kept in cold storage, this is it. Sarfarosh director John Matthan is cooling his heels and literally sitting at home, waiting for his producers T-Series to wake up and finish his incomplete Himesh Reshammiya starrer A Love Issshtory. The sad news on his front is that the film is further pushed back by six months at least.

T-Series, it seems, is in no mood to finish the film, which is 90 per cent complete. Matthan shot for four days about two months ago. Just a couple of days of shooting remains, but Matthan has been told by T-Series that this can be done only after monsoons. A source says, “This is a real tragedy. T-Series was supposed to complete the film in summer.”

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Feb 13 2009

Himesh Reshammiya reveals his new look!

Tv producer-turned-music director-turned-singer-turned-actor Himesh Reshammiya had been severely criticized by his critics of his new hair extensions.

The actor had gone though great pains including hair weaving and hair extensions in order to have lush hair for his look without the cap.


Well the latest news is that Himesh Reshammiya all set to show-off his real hair ie., his new look, which suits him well and really looks great on him.

Himesh Reshammiya’s real hair was growing under the extensions as a result of the hair weaving process for which he went abroad. Now that he has thick hair, he has thrown away the extensions and is looking fantastic now, said a friend of Himesh Reshammiya.

‘What is the point of extensions or wearing a cap? Now, Himesh has real hair’ added Himesh’s friend.

Himesh will be first seen in this look in John Matthew’s film A New Love Ishtory and Studio 18’s Ishq Unplugged.

Pooja Bhatt who is directing Himesh in her forthcoming film Kajrare said, “I was shocked when I saw Himesh with his new look two days ago. I think he is looking deadly.”
“I have shot most of his portions already. But I have yet to film a flashback track. I will be using his new look in those portions,” added Pooja.

I was shocked when I saw Himesh with his new look two days ago. I think he is looking deadly – Pooja Bhatt

Our Verdict: Well Himesh Bhai, you are a True Rockstar, we loved your Cap look in Aap Ka Surror, the hair style in Karzzz as well as your superb looks now.

Himesh Sir, its 10/10 from our side, you look absolutely stunning! Now quickly get composing some great tunes as we (fans) are waiting to hear something new from you. Rock On – You are India’s No.1 & Only True Rockstar!

PS.: Picture added to Gallery. :)

Article Credit: Mumbai Mirror

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Jan 10 2009

Himeshji will be playing an Aamir Khan fan in his next film…

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We all know Himeshji’s a big fan of Aamir Khan. In the film A NewLove Story, Himeshji plays a tapori whose name is Sukku bhai. Sources say A New Love Story is similar to that of Aamir Khan’s role in Rangeela.

Himeshji says “I haven’t copied any of Aamir’s traits but just shown that I am his ardent fan in John’s A New Love Ishtory produced by Bhushan Kumar. I play a tapori called Sukkubhai.

Sukku is a very real character and completely like Aamir’s character in Rangeela. It’s a romantic comedy and I play a tapori who is a huge Aamir Khan fan and since I am genuinely a big fan of his, the performance is even more real.

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Jan 04 2009

News: A New Love Story….

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While shooting for an action sequence for John Mathew Mathan’s A New Love Story, Himesh Reshammiya injured his leg while riding a motorcycle.

However, the scene was canned successfully despite his leg getting hurt in the process. So is he cooling his heels now and recovering? “Mathew is one of the finest directors in the country and I wanted to give a very real shot.

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Dec 22 2008

News: Himeshji has a new fan!!

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Far off in Palanpur where Himesh Reshammiya is shooting for John Mathew’s A New Love Issshtory the musician-actor can’t believe what he has heard.

At a press conference on Thursday, Aamir Khan went out of his way to praise Himesh, “So much so that wherever and whenever I see a topi, I think of Himesh,” said Aamir.

Himesh of course chooses to take the seeming compliments on their face value.

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Dec 08 2008

News: Kajraare and A New Love Ishtory on schedule as per budget

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Kajraare and A New Love Ishtory on schedule as per budget

While A New Love Ishtory will go into shoot in December in Ahmedabad for a 21-day final schedule, Kajaare will go in for a thirty-day schedule on Mumbai in Jan-Feb.

Unfazed by the recent recession, music mogul Bhushan Kumar has rubbished all speculations about budget cuts by announcing that he will ensure that his current films will be on schedule and in the pre-acclocated budget.

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Sep 05 2008

News: A New Love Ishtory

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You saw the graceful Madhuri Dixit dance to it. Now you will see Himesh Reshammiya groove to the same song. Himesh and Niharika Singh are set to dance to the remixed version of the ’80s hit number, ‘Ek do teen…’, for John Matthew Mathan’s A New Love Ishtory.

The song ‘Ek do teen…’ from Tezaab had shot Madhuri Dixit to instant fame. Fortunately T-Series, the original owners of the soundtrack, will not have to buy the rights as they already have the rights of the song with them.

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May 21 2008

News: Himeshji!

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The Gujju connection has worked very well between Himesh Reshammiya and John Matthew Mathan on the sets of Bhushan Kumar’s “A Love Ishhstory”, in which Himesh plays a tapori for the first time.

Says Himesh, “Comedy is serious business. It is fun playing a tapori and to woo a super rich girl Niharika Singh is interesting. The film is a musical love story between a very odd couple.

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May 20 2008

Himeshji to do stunts in A Love Iiisshtory!!

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From holding a guitar in Karzzzz to performing some dare devil stunts – Himesh Reshammiya is in mood to do it all.

Buzz in the town is that the actor/composer/singer is now also looking at demonstrating his action traits. He would be seen in this new ‘avtar’ in John Mathew’s A Love Iiisshtory where he would be performing some dare devilry stunts. Even though he plays the character of a ‘tapori’ in this Bhushan Kumar production, a sequence in the film requires him to get into some hardcore stunts.

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May 20 2008

Himeshji: Interview about A Love Iisshstory!!!

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Himesh Reshammiya is playing a fan of none other than Aamir Khan in John Matthew Matthan’s A New Love Ishtory. In the film, Himesh is so busy worshipping Aamir that he impersonates Aamir’s character Munna in the Urmila starrer Rangeela.

Our source said, “Himesh’s character is a stuntman called Sikander alias Sukku bhai in A New Love Ishtory and is shown using colloquial Mumbai lingo just like Aamir did in Rangeela.”

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